Personal Assistants

First, we need to understand your requirements so that we can introduce you to the most suitable "Personal Assistant". You will then get to meet him or her and discuss exactly what you need and the price and timing of their visits to suit you. (We can introduce you to another if you dont like the first one that we introduce to).

Don't worry as we do all the paperwork.

You can just get on with your life knowing that yo have someone to call upon whenever you need.


We want to give you as much Flexibility and Independence as possible  and therefore the services that our Personal Assistants can provide can be tailored to suit your requirements.

These include: Personal Care, Household chores, Sitting service, Shopping and even exercise in your own home supervised by a "FAB's" Fitness trained specialist.

When we introduce them to you can discuss timing and length of visits, duties and and cost which is up to the Assistant, depending upon needs.

Core services: Personal Care, Sitting, Household chores,Shopping and Personal Fitness

Additionally we have our trained Personal Assistants that are qualified and can provide specialist care in Dementia and  "End of Life", (Palliative), 

Did you know....

we can also come into your home or hospital to give you one to one fitness sessions to help keep you on the move or recover quickly